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New Bowers Hall

Business students were excited to start the New Year (2018) in the new Bowers Hall, which got a $5 million makeover that includes innovation classrooms, enhanced digital learning, efficient group study spaces, new furniture, an elevator, and a beautiful, spacious lobby.


Graduating Class Survives Final Exams

Shrugging off fatigue from finals (finished a few hours prior), business graduates enjoy a BBQ just outside the School of Business building where all that anguish occurred.

Grads Celebrate Their Big Day

Amid the celebrations (and sad farewells), some of the robed scholars pause here for a picture.

Asian Study Tour

Students broaden their world view on the Asian Study Tour

Oh Happy Day

With all that sweat & tears behind them, two grads beam at the camera.

Keeping Warm in a Winter Wonderland

Students relax at Lehman Hot Springs in the Oregon outback. It does the soul good to take a break from the books, throw snowballs, relax in the warm water, and then worship together around a crackling woodstove.

Nothin' Like the Real World

Summer interns beam at the camera.  Our interns gain hands-on experience tackling businesses challenges, whether it's creating a marketing plan, building a database, or preparing a budget.

Preparing for White Water

Business students nervously ready their raft for the roaring rapids that await around the corner on the Deschutes River  This white-water/knuckle experience teaches students some key business lessons, such as the principle of risk and reward.

Guest Lecture Series

Several times a quarter, successful business people share their stories and advice with students as part of our formal Colloquium series.

Tours Spark Student Interest

Students enjoy seeing business concepts put into practice as they tour a variety of local businesses and large corporations in Seattle and Portland.

And the Race is On

Competition is a basic premise of the business world.  Here our students hone their skills on go-karts.

Democracy in Action

As part of the School of Business Student Advisory Council, students provide guidance on a range of issues including faculty hires, curriculum, academic policies and school events.

Practicing Leadership

Over the last decade, many of the student association presidents and other officers have been business students.

Serving the Community

The School of Business takes a whole day off from studying to perform community service.  Here business students pick up trash along a designated, two-mile section of Highway 12.  On this particular day, over 60 large bags of trash were collected, including a dozen nice hubcaps.

Food, Fun & Fellowship in the Park

The Business Club hosts its popular BBQ, where good food and fun people make for a great evening.

Mountain Madness

Without a doubt, some of the best skiing in the nation can be found in the Northwest.  Here some business students are enjoying a ski-weekend at Mt. Hood.

Mid-night Bowling

Hooting with the owls late Saturday night is a popular thing with the Business Club, which rents a whole bowling alley for students to hang out and have some fun.  Whether they can soar with the eagles the next day is another question entirely.

Moments of Quiet Reflection

There's nothing quite like getting away from the books and buzz to re-prioritize and rejuvenate.

Last update on January 14, 2018