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Biological Sciences

Biology Undergraduate Program (B.S. Degree)


The biology faculty want to share with you the excitement of biological discovery in a Christian environment. Our four-year B.S. degree will enable you to become competitive for acceptance into professional and graduate schools, and will prepare you for careers in the biological and biomedical sciences.

What makes our program so effective?

Devoted Faculty.
Our #1 priority is YOU. We care about your intellectual, spiritual, and social development. The biology faculty are known for working hard to create a positive, Christ-centered environment in which you can reach your full potential, develop your unique abilities, and affirm your belief in God.

. Academic excellence has always been a priority. To prepare students for their future we offer a well-rounded degree with courses covering all of the major areas of modern biology, from the ecological to the molecular. Our department has a strong reputation for attracting and producing outstanding students.

Small Class Size.
You will be more than a number or a nameless face. One of the most important aspects of a quality education is the amount of one-on-one contact with faculty members. Most of our specialty courses have only 15-20 students, allowing significant contact with teachers and modern equipment.

Research. Each faculty member has an active research program, and we strongly encourage our undergraduate students to become involved. Click on the "Faculty" link to the left and examine the wide variety of research possibilities. You may find yourself conducting an independent research project and presenting your information at regional and national science conferences.

. Our department operates the Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory, the only active Seventh-day Adventist academic field facility. Through its formal affiliation with nine colleges and universities, students and faculty from all over North America have the opportunity to study with Christian professional biologists in a wide variety of field and laboratory disciplines.

. Our majors are prepared for their next step, whether that includes continuing a career in science, starting a professional program, or entering the job market. Compared to other North American colleges and universities our students consistently score above the 90th percentile on a standardized biology evaluation exam (MFAT). In addition, our pre-medical students have scored above the 90th percentile on the biological section of the MCAT for several consecutive years. You will be ready for your future!

What are the requirements for a biology major?

  • 36 credits of required biology courses
  • 26 credits of elective biology courses (you choose!), including 10 elective credits during a summer at Rosario
  • certain chemistry, physics, math, and computer courses

Please contact us or see the WWU Bulletin for a list of the specific courses and requirements.

What other majors are related to biology?
In addition to a degree in biology, our department supports degrees in:

  • Biochemistry
  • Bioengineering
  • Biophysics
  • Environmental Studies
  • Health Science
Last update on September 19, 2017