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Aircraft Fleet

Cessna 172
The Cessna 172 is a widely used training aircraft due to it's stability, safety, and ease of operation. This is the first aircraft you will learn to fly in. All of Walla Walla University's aircraft are well maintained and fully equipped with modern radio and navigation equipment. Our 172s are equipped with Garmin 430 WAAS IFR GPS further adding to the capability and safety of the flight in instrument and visual conditions.

Cessna 172 cockpit
Row of Cessna 172s outside
Cessna 172 taking off
Cessna 172 on the ground, at sunset

Cessna 182 Skylane
The Cessna 182 Skylane is one of Cessna's most successful high performance aircraft. It is a four seat, tricycle gear airplane with a 230hp 6-cylinder Continental engine. It features a roomy, comfortable cabin that can easily fit four adults, long range fuel tanks providing 79 gallons of usable fuel, an astounding 1000+ mile range and 8 hours of flight endurance, and impressive short field takeoff and landing capabilities. Commercial students train in this aircraft to understand the challenges of landing on unimproved airstrips, managing a high powered engine, and earn their high performance (200hp+) endorsement.

Front-right view of Cessna 182 skyplane
Front-left view of Cessna 182 skyplane
Tail view closeup of Cessna 182 skyplane

Piper Arrow
The Piper Arrow is a complex aircraft with retractable gear, variable pitch propeller, complex systems, and a more power than the Cessna 172s. Students begin flying this aircraft when you start training for your commercial pilot's certificate. N323MQ is equipped with a Garmin 500 instrument panel and multi-functional display, MVP 50 digital systems monitor, Garmin 430 WAAS IFR GPS, and modern radio and navigation equipment. N55696 is equipped with standard flight instruments.

Piper arrow on ground
Piper arrow seating inside
Piper arrow instrument panel
View of piper arrow plane down wing

Beechcraft Duchess
The Beechcraft Duchess is a multi-engine aircraft that you will train in to learn the differences between operating a single-engine and multi-engine aircraft. Our Duchess is equipped with Garmin avionics, including the GNS-530 and GNS 430 WAAS IFR GPS units, the GTX 330 Mode S Transponder with traffic alert, and a Century III Autopilot for advanced systems training.

Instrument panel in cockpit of beechcraft duchess
View of beechcraft duchess from back right
View of beechcraft duchess from front right
Instrument panel of beechcraft duchess

Frasca TruFlite Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD)
Our Frasca TruFlite was purchased through grants for the program in 2008. It's an advanced aircraft training device capable of being configured for training in various aircraft. It has been certified by the FAA for certain flight training activities and is an invaluable tool in providing hands-on training for emergency procedures.

AATD in use from behind
Side view of AATD in use
Instrument panel of AATD
Student using AATD

FRASCA Mentor G1000 Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD)
Our G1000 Flight Training Device is used to train interested individuals on flying using the Garmin G1000 multifunctional displays as primary flying instruments.

Instrument panel and steering
Instrument panel with screen
Student using AATD for practice flying
Full instrument panel of AATD
Last update on January 25, 2018