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University Auto

An integral part of the WWU Automotive Technology program is University Auto, a student-run automotive repair business right here on campus. At University Auto, our students get the benefit of real-world experience working on real cars with real problems. This experience is incredibly valuable to employers. They are looking for technicians that not only know the theory of how and why to repair cars, but who can actually do it. Our students get plenty of opportunities to "just do it". This experience becomes evident by the fact that most of our students pass their ASE exams on their first try with very high scores.

In addition to the valuable experience it provides, University Auto also pays! Typically, students in their second year and beyond will choose to work at University Auto as their schedule allows and they are paid for their work, just like in a regular shop. And, just like in a regular shop, there is incentive pay so that students who complete repair jobs quickly and correctly receive substantial bonuses. University Auto is open for business year-round, so we maintain a large clientele and are routinely booked up three to four weeks in advance. There is no shortage of work for our technicians.

At University Auto, student employees have access to all the tools and equipment of the automotive program, so there are few limits on the type of mechanical, electrical, and diagnostic work we can take in. State of the art alignment, tire, and wheel balance machines, a large array of scan tools and oscilloscopes, massive information databases, and our Mustang AWD dynamometer are all at the technician's disposal.

Come check us out! We'd love to show you around our shop.

Last update on May 7, 2018