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A student majoring in art must complete the major core requirements, one concentration and the required cognates for that concentration, the general studies program, and all baccalaureate degree requirements as outlined in this bulletin. As a senior comprehensive, all art majors are required to hold a senior show in the Clyde and Mary Harris Art Gallery; the show is to be completed with the approval and coordination of the art faculty. All senior art majors are also to prepare a slide portfolio of their art work as part of the senior comprehensive. The slides should consist of 20 images in either traditional transparency format or any digital format such as cross-platform CD-ROM is acceptable. All senior art majors are also required to complete an assigned five-page paper and take an art major field test (ACAT).

Art Major Core Requirements:

Course NumberClass Title Credits
ART 161,162,163Design 9
ART 184, 185, 186Introduction to Drawing I,II,III 6
ART 324, 325, 326History of World Art 9
Select 12 credits from the following options:  12
ART 194,195,196Introduction to Painting I,II,III 
ART 264,265,266Introduction to Sculpture I,II,III 
ART 284,285,286Introduction to Pottery I, II,III 
ART 294, 295 296Introduction to Printmaking I,II,III 


Academic Bulletin

Last update on July 19, 2018