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Send Us Your News
We welcome your personal and professional news.  Send information for Alumnotes and In Memory to:

University Relations
204 S. College Avenue
College Place, WA  99324 

Graduates and former students, faculty and staff are invited to send Alumnote information. Many Alumnotes are edited for length and style. Alumnotes will also appear on the magazine's web site. Although we check names and class years, we cannot verify the accuracy of every fact in Alumnotes. 

In Memory
Family members of deceased alumni (graduates and former students, faculty and staff) are invited to send information about their family member. We print the following: name, date and location of birth, date and location of death, and the names and hometowns of immediate family survivors (spouse, father, mother, children, and siblings). On occasion we do publish a slightly extended note with a photo. Priority selections are made for alumni who had an especially strong connection to fellow alumni during or after college. Please send a photo and biography information if you wish us to consider your family member for an extended note.

Last update on September 17, 2017