A Shayna Maidel


Rose Weiss                     Jessica Roe

Mordechai Weiss             Brandon Richards

Lusia Weiss Pechinik       Kelsey Harrison

Duvid Pechinik                 Michael Moore

Hanna                             Summer Mathis Lee

Mama                              Amy Shine

Midwife                            Katelyn Schiller



Director                                David Crawford

Assistant Director            Jerry Entze

Stage Manager                 Shane Wood

Stagehand                          Fawn Fahrer

Lighting                                Trevor Iwata

Sound                                   Bjorn Smars

Set Construction              Stephanie Smith

                                                Aaron Boyd

                                                Fawn Fahrer

                                                Kelsey Sass

Hair                                        Tatiana Beltran

Make-up                             Kelsey Sass

Costumes/Dressers        Shane Wood

                                                Carlton Henkes

                                                Rachel Scribner

                                                Layla Cole

Props                                    Katelyn Schiller

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