Festival of the Actors 2010: A Pre-Meditated Improvisation


Executive Producer        David Crawford

Producer                             Heidi Hayes

Associate Producer         Jerry Entze

Director                               Sean Hayes

Assistant Director            Jeremy Reed

Lighting Design                 Trevor Iwata

House Manager                 Katelyn Schiller

Costume Design               Shane Wood, Caitlin Stoodly

Makeup Artist                   Rachel Scribner

Hair Design                         Tatiana Beltran

Photographer                    Darin Berning

Poster and Playbill Design           Sarah Radelfinger



Banshee              Cheri Windom

Dracula                 Randy Lutz

Shelob                  Megan DeJaegher

Superman           John Lubke

The Ugly Step-Siblings Shane Wood & Jaclyn Archer

Improv Players

Luke Chilson

Jennifer Landaverde

Aaron Ricci

Jessica Roe

Mack Rote

Darcy Sturges

Stephanie Smith



Dracula by Sarah Hudson

The Ughly Step-Siblings  by Alyssa Warner

Banshee by Jessica Winters

Superman by Shane Wood


Click here to download the program.

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