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Walla Walla College Disability Support Services Test Access Policy

Disability Support Services assists professors in providing alternative testing accommodations to eligible students with disabilities. Disability Support Services relies on student and faculty cooperation to facilitate alternative examinations. The following procedures identify the responsibilities of Disability Support Services and the student.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Students must provide Disability Support Services with documentation verifying the need for alternative testing.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students should contact their instructors at the beginning of a new quarter to identify themselves and discuss their testing needs. Letters of accommodation will be prepared at the beginning of each quarter for students to take to their instructors. Students may need to explain why certain testing accommodations were recommended by Disability Support Services. If a teacher still has questions or concerns, the student should refer the teacher back to Disability Support Services.

  • Students who qualify for testing accommodations may have their tests proctored in the Teaching Learning Center. When students want to take an exam at the TLC they should schedule exams with Disability Support Services five school days prior to the exam date for accommodation to be guaranteed. (Exams are scheduled for the same day and time that the class will be tested unless students obtain written permission from the teachers to schedule alternative test times.) If a teacher fails to give five days notice before an exam, students should submit a request for accommodations, preferably in writing within 24 hours of when the exam or quiz was announced.

  • When students schedule exam times, they will be given manilla envelopes to deliver to their teachers; these envelopes will contain testing procedures for faculty and will be used to transport the exam from the teacher directly to Disability Support Services and back again.

  • Students must report to the Teaching Learning Center on time for scheduled exams. As in a classroom situation, tests are scheduled to end at a specific time and test times will not be extended when students report late. Disability Support Services reserves the right to return examinations to the professor if a student is more than 15 minutes late.

  • Students will be asked to leave personal items in the Disability Support Services Office. Only items authorized by the professor will be allowed on the testing site. Scratch paper will be provided by Disability Support Services upon request. All scratch paper must be returned with the completion of the examination.

  • When alternative testing accommodations are provided within the department, students are expected to follow departmental policy for testing situations (i.e., arrive at pre-approved time at designated testing site, etc.).

Disability Support Services' Responsibilities

  • Disability Support Services will arrange the pick-up and return of examinations with teachers and/or their designees.

  • Disability Support Services will facilitate the accommodations needed to meet each student's needs.

  • Disability Support Services will be responsible for protecting the integrity of the examination process.