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Walla Walla College Disability Support Services Taped Lectures and Notetaking Policy

Disability Support Services Taped Lectures/Notetaking Program provides access to course lectures for students with disabilities that affect their ability to take lecture notes. Disability Support Services relies on student cooperation to facilitate the taped lecture/notetaking process. The following procedures identify the responsibilities of Disability Support Services and the student.

Eligibility Requirement

  • The student must provide Disability Support Services with documentation verifying the need for taped lectures/notetakers. Documentation may not be required of students with obvious physical disabilities.

Student's Responsibilities

  • Students must inform teachers when they plan to tape record lectures and/or if they need to locate a notetaker.

  • Taped lectures are for study use only. They are not to be copied or shared with another student.

  • If a notetaker is required, students should attempt to find a classmate who is willing to share his/her lecture notes.

  • If students are unable to identify a notetaker, they must notify Disability Support Services as soon as possible that their need for a notetaker has not been met.

  • Students must attend all classes. Failure to do so may result in termination of the accommodation.

Disability Support Services' Responsibilities

  • Disability Support Services will lend tape recorders and cassettes to students wishing to tape record lectures. (This is contigent upon the availability of equipment and supplies.)

  • Disability Support Services will provide NCR-note paper or arrange to have lecture notes photocopied at no cost to the student.

  • Upon student request, the Disability Support Services Advisor may contact the professor or class to help facilitate a volunteer notetaker.

  • If attempts to find a volunteer notetaker fail, Disability Support Services will arrange to have a notetaker attend the student's class.