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Walla Walla College Disability Support Services Document Conversion Policy

Alternative print formats (audiotape, braille, and large print) allow individuals with vision impairments and other disabilities to have access to standard print material. Disability Support Services relies on student participation to facilitate the conversion of documents.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must provide Disability Support Services with documentation of a disability verifying the need for alternative print formats.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students must submit official "Requests for Texts in Alternative Formats" within one week after pre-registration each quarter.

  • If a student discovers mid-quarter that s/he needs a text that was not originally required by the instructor, the student should notify Disability Support Services immediately. The student and/or Disability Support Services may request an extended due-date from the course instructor.

  • If a textbook is not available in alternative format the student needs to buy a copy of the text and submit it to the DSS office for taping or copying. There are times when a text may be available from another source (i.e., an extra instructor's copy), but there is no guarantee.

  • Students must submit a request for taped textbooks four (4) weeks in advance, or the text may not be available in alternative format at the beginning of the new quarter.

Disability Support Services' Responsibilities

  • As soon as Disability Support Services receives students' Requests for Texts in Alternative Print Formats, text orders will be placed with RFB&D. For those texts not available through RFB&D, local readers will be hired to put texts onto audiotape, and alternate measures will be taken to accommodate those needing brailled and large print texts.

  • Priority will be given to those students requresting taped materials within the scheduled deadline.

  • Late requests will be considered only after reviewing availability of resources, staff and materials, and if there is sufficient time to complete the taping.