Internet Addiction Resources

The Internet Addiction Self-Test allows you to measure your addictive use of the internet in private.  Visit the link below to take the test and get the results.

Internet Addiction Self-Test


If the results indicate a possible problem help may be found around campus:

  Department                                   Location                             Extension

Counseling and Testing Services        Meske Hall                              2147

Campus Health and Wellness            Meske Hall                              2425

Campus Ministries                            Spiritual Life and Mission         2343


Also, you can find helpful information on the internet:

Internet/Computer Addiction Services

email at:

reSTART Internet Addiction Recover Program


In addition for sexually related problems:

            Setting Captives Free

            Covenant Eyes

            The XXX Church

            Sex Addicts Anonymous (SSA)

            Sexaholics Anonymous (SA)

            Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA)

            Sexual Recovery Anonymous (SRA)

            S-Anon International Family Groups

            Codependents of Sexual Addictions

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