Policy Violations

Walla Walla University has developed the following disciplinary measures which will be taken when a student’s drug or alcohol use comes to the attention of a dean or other student administrator.

1.    The student will contact Serenity Point Counseling Services (or an approved drug and alcohol assessment facility in their area) and make an appointment for a Drug/Alcohol Assessment.  The cost of the assessment will be at the expense of the student and is approximately $140.00 payable to Serenity Point (the cost may vary at other assessment facilities).

2.    The student will be suspended from class attendance until confirmation is provided from the assessment facility to the Office of Student Life indicating that the student has an appointment for a Drug/Alcohol Assessment.

3.    The student will be asked to sign a release of confidentiality so that the Vice President for Student Life (or his designee) and Serenity Point Counseling Services (or other approved assessment facility) can work together with the student.

4.    In order to maintain student status at Walla Walla University the student will be obliged to follow through with any and all recommendations made as a result of the Drug/Alcohol Assessment.  All costs for treatment or educational programs will be at the student's expense.

5.    The student will be placed on Citizenship Probation for a minimum of six (6) weeks and may be subject to other disciplinary actions.

6.    Continued enrollment at Walla Walla University is dependent upon the student following through with the above procedures.  Should the student not comply in this process, he/she may be asked to withdraw from WWU for a specified period of time, or may be dismissed from WWU on a permanent basis.

7.    A second violation of the Drug and Alcohol Policy may result in the student's immediate dismissal from WWU.

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