Confidentiality and Voluntary Referral

Any student who feels he/she needs help overcoming an alcohol or drug problem is encouraged to talk with a counselor at Counseling & Testing Services.  The counselor will first evaluate the individual’s drug or alcohol involvement and then work with the student to plan a program of recovery.  All voluntary alcohol and drug counseling is confidential.

All drug investigation and drug testing information is confidential.
  A Medical Review Officer/Campus Health & Wellness Director relates to all students under the usual confidential doctor-patient relationship and so maintains all drug testing information, with the provision that if there is not reasonable medical evidence supporting a positive result, such result will be disclosed to the referring party.  If it is determined with reasonable certainty that there is a legitimate medical or other reason supporting positive laboratory findings, no information identifying the specific student will be disclosed without written authorization by the student.  Any medical information provided will be treated as confidential.

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