7 Ways to Kickstart Your Career


1) Choose Your Career

A Career adviser can help you explore the myriad of career options available to you. The Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator are two of the assessment tools used to help you identify your strengths. Contact the Career Center to receive instructions and schedule an appointment to review the results of completed tests.


2) Research Careers

Learn more about careers by looking through the Occupational Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics and other links on our website.

3) Make a Résumé

We encourage students to develop a resume early and regularly update it as they gain more experience and progress in their academic career. A Career adviser can help you learn the basics of writing an effective resume and then critique it in preparation of your final professional resume.


4) Networking

Workshops and alumni connections present you with the opportunity to develop your networking skills. Take advantage of the programs that will put you in contact with people in professions of interest to you. Job Shadowing and informational interviews can be arranged.


5) Learn about Graduate School Options

We can assist you in obtaining information about graduate school options, how to select the program that is right for you, and provide information on how to improve your candidacy.


6) Job Search Preparation

We can help you develop the necessary "tools" you need to conduct a successful job search including a resume, interview techniques and job search strategies. You can obtain great introductory information by attending one of our scheduled workshops that presents a wide range of information. Then schedule an individual appointment to customize your approach to fit your personality, strengths and values.


7) Find Careers and Internships

We can help you search for at careers and internships any point during your University education or as an alumni.

Find Careers and Internships-

WWU Careers and Internships is Walla Walla University's online job and internship search system. This system is our central database of jobs and internships, and is available to all students and alumni.



Use the Glassdoor link to gain free access to job openings and internship opportunities nationwide.


Customize your career path with http://www.learnhowtobecome.org/

Learn How To Become


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