Guidelines for Preparing Outgoing Mail

Please follow these guidelines when preparing your outgoing departmental mail:

  1. Mailings with unsealed envelopes need to be arranged with the flap down behind each individual envelope.
  2.  Mailings with sealed envelopes need to be separately rubber-banded from the unsealed envelopes. 
  3. All foreign mailings (including Canada) need to be rubber-banded separately.
  4. Envelopes that have more than four sheets of paper inside also need to be rubber-banded separately from those with less.
  5. Packages: Small outgoing packages that fit in the "red bag" will be stamped and mailed from the WWU Mailroom. Large outgoing packages will continue to be processed at Judy's Copy and Postal Services. Continue to take your large packages directly to Judy's.

Please know that the mail you put in the “red bag” will be processed the following morning and be delivered to the Post Office the next business day, unless it is marked “Urgent”.  Urgent mail will be processed and taken to the Post Office that same day.

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Last update on December 14, 2009