WWU Web Design Policy

Created 19 January 1997

Revised: 6 February 1996, 5 June 1997, 14 June 2000

Note: This policy has not yet been modified to reflect the Walla Walla University name change, but remains in effect.


Department Homepages (the first page of any department)

  1. Remember that using certain elements, such as plug-ins, Java or large graphics, in a webpage may make it unreadable in certain browsers, or take considerable time to download. While we recommend that you avoid these elements, if you feel you must use them, provide the user with an alternative format or a link to download the necessary software.

  2. All department homepages should contain the official WWC header and footer (see this page for example). The page header contains links to other sections as well as a navigation trail. The footer contains text links to different sections, copyright information (pages are all to be copyright Walla Walla University, unless special circumstances exist) and the name and email address of the person maintaining the pages.

  3. In order to make your pages easier to read, please use dark text on a light background.

Subsequent Department Pages (pages other than the first page)

  1. For subsequent pages in your department, you are asked to follow all guidelines above with the exception of number two. You do not need to place the navigation bar on pages other than your homepage.

  2. Pages which are two or more levels removed from your homepage may have different background colors or images after consultation with the webmaster.

Personal and Club Pages

  1. The name and e-mail address of the person responsible for the page must appear prominently on the page.

  2. Because the pages are personal or club information, do not make them copyright Walla Walla University.

  3. To make it clear that the page is not an official WWU page, please do not use graphics or images from the WWU webpages on personal and club pages.



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