WWU Web Content Policy

Created: 23 June 1997

Modified: 14 June 2000

Note: This policy has not yet been modified to reflect the Walla Walla University name change, but remains in effect.

Department Page Content

Because WWU departments represent the college through their pages, the following content guidelines must be observed:

  1. Contact information must be displayed prominently within a department's collection of pages. Contact information should include as a minimum: a phone number, mailing address, and e-mail address.

  2. Pages should be extensively checked for errors before being posted on the web.

  3. Only information relevant or related to a particular department should appear on that department's pages.

  4. Academic departments may not maintain a separate copy of bulletin information, including degree requirements and course descriptions. Instead, links may be provided to the academic department's section of the online bulletin.

  5. Time sensitive content such as schedules, event announcements, etc. must be kept current. The web committee reserves the right to remove any outdated material.

Personal Page Content

 As a service of WWU, students, faculty, and staff can choose to create their own homepages. Each web author is responsible for the contents of his or her page. While the content of personal web pages is not regularly monitored, WWC does reserve the right to restrict such content as outlined in the Policies for Responsible Computing.The webmaster may review pages, perform keyword searches, or respond to specific requests regarding page content when necessary.

The following are some specific applications of the WWC Policies for Responsible Computing to personal webpages:

  1. Because of limited resources the college does not provide web pages to relatives or friends who do not otherwise qualify as users.
  2. Web resources must not be wasted or used for non-web related activities. Examples would include storing non-web related data in a web directory, or maintaining a large file archive.
  3. When creating personal pages, be aware of copyright issues. Images, audio files and even some Javascript may be copyrighted. You may not reproduce copyrighted materials on your site without written authorization from the owner of the copyright
  4. College computing resources, including personal web pages, are not to be used for commercial activities without written authorization from the college administration. In these cases, the college will require payment of appropriate fees.
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