Creating Official Web Pages

Created: 22 July 1997

Modified: 14 June 2000

Those departments wishing to have a web presence should follow the steps outlined below.


It is important to have a clear idea of what you want on your web pages. Spend some time thinking about your target audience and deciding what would be useful to them. Some of the things you should do during the planning stage are:

  • Follow the design and content policies. Don't spend hours completing a page which will not be linked in because it violates one of these policies.
  • Talk with the webmaster about the possibilities and limitations of the web. Quite often people do not realize how much can be done with the web and limit themselves to static information only. The more interactive a page is, the more useful it will be.

  • If there is no staff member in your department who can write HTML pages, you will need to hire a student. The Webmaster has provided a list of skilled students who are willing to work for departments, but the Webmaster and Information Services do not have the resources to write pages for each department.

Page Creation

Once you have completed the planing process, following these step-by-step instructions will ensure that your pages are created and linked in as quickly as possible.

  1. Contact the webmaster to have a web account set up. You will receive a resource name and password which will allow you to access this account. You will also be given a URL to use in a web browser to view your pages.

  2. Each time you edit your pages, you must Log onto the web server. First log into a Windows 9x/NT computer on the school network as any user. Next, you need to attach to the web server. There are two ways to do this:

    • Select the start button, pick find and then computer. Enter orion in the named field and press the find now button. Double click on orion, which should be listed as the WWC Webserver. Find the resource name given to you in step 1 and right click on it. Select map network drive (if this option does not appear, contact the webmaster). After selecting a free drive letter and pressing ok, you will be prompted for your password from step 1. Your pages will now be available on the drive letter you specified.

    • Open an MS-DOS window and type: net use d: \\orion\resname replacing d: with the drive letter you wish your web pages to appear on and resname with the resource name given in step 1. After a few seconds, you will be prompted for your password. If an error is returned instead, contact the webmaster. Your pages will now be available on the drive letter you specified.

  3. Create and edit your pages on this drive letter. View them through the webserver using the URL given to you in step 1. You may use official templates in your pages as well as graphics stored on your web drive. Name the document you want to appear as your homepage "index.html".

  4. When you are done, read through all of your pages at least twice checking for misspellings. You should also view your pages in several different browsers (at least Netscape and Internet Explorer) to make certain that they are displayed correctly.

  5. Contact the webmaster once you are sure your pages are correct. A link will then be provided on the appropriate college page and it may be advertised for a short time on the college homepage (at the discretion of the webmaster).


Using your resource name and password, you can follow the steps outlined in part 2 of the above section to edit your pages at any time. The more you keep your pages current, the more useful they will be to someone visiting our site. Please read the content policy for more information about page maintenance requirements.

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