How to Format a Page:

 How to Format a Page PDF

1.      While on the page you would like to add a file to, under the title “Page Content”, you will need to click on the icon “Create new element”.

2.      The next page will ask what type of new content you would like to upload. If you want to add text and/or an image, you would stay under the heading ‘Typical page content”.

3.      Once you have selected what type of page formatting you want, the next page will show three headings, “General”, “Text”, and “Access”.

a.      Under the “General” header, you can change the type of formatting that of the page.


b.      You can even add a link to your page as well.

                                                              i.      This is used to direct web traffic from your page to another page altogether.

4.      You can also save your progress at any point by selecting the “Save document” button.


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