How to Add a New Page:

How to Add a New Page PDF


1.      Once logged-in to Typo3, make sure the page button has been selected on the left-hand side of your screen.


2.      From there you can access the page that you would like to update or you can add a new page by clicking the “Create New Page” icon. 

3.      You will notice a list of pages in the middle of your browser asking where you would like to put your new page. Follow the arrows and you can decide where you would like to place your new page.


4.      After selecting where you wanted your new page, you will then click on the “No selection (inherit)” page. 

5.      Then you will name your page. You may also choose to hide your page at this time, which you may also do here by selecting the “Hide page” button. 

6.      Now you will save your page by selecting the “Save document” button.

a.      Sometimes, in order to now access this new page, you may have to refresh your table of contents (on the left of the screen showing where you are within the Webpages) and re-click on your new webpage.

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Last update on December 12, 2011