How to Add a File:

How to Add a File PDF

1.      When trying to upload a file to a page, you can click the “Text” tab and add text to the page.

a.      You can edit the text with the different edit control feature (such as bold, italics, centering, etc.).

b.      Also, you can add a grid if needed.

2.      If you need to upload a picture you would choose the “Media” tab.

3.      You can choose either the “Browse for file” button.

Or you can use the “Choose file” button. There you can add the file that you wish to upload.


4.      Under the “Position” title you can choose where you want the page to appear on your page by selecting “Above center”, or choose fro the drop down menu.

5.      Under “Image Dimensions” you can resize the image if you wish.

6.      Also, if you would like to add a link and/or caption to your image, you can by entering the web address in the “Image Links” box, and adding a caption in the “Caption” box and selecting where you would want to align it on your page.


7.      Finally, you will save your progress by clicking the “Save document” button.

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Last update on December 12, 2011