Unix Services

There is a dedicated Linux lab in KRH as well as several other Linux workstations in various other locations in KRH and CSP.  Users may log into Linux workstations using their Active Directory user name and password.

Linux Lab Use Policy


The Linux Lab Use Policy is a supplement to the document "Policies for Responsible Computing at Walla Walla College".  Please read that document first.  If there are any conflicts between the Responsible Computing guidelines and this document, the Responsible Computing guidelines prevail.  This policy addresses a few issues specific issues to Linux computer usage.

Unattended computers

Computers are primarily intended for interactive use.  As stated in the Responsible Computing guide, "Any workstation left unattended for more than fifteen minutes may be appropriated by another user."  Users leaving a terminal unattended for more than fifteen minutes will be logged out at another user's request.

Long Running Processes

If you have a process that needs to run for an extended period of time, you need to start it as a background job and set it's "nice" level to at least 10.  Processes found to be hogging computer resources may be "niced" for you, or they may be killed.

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