Creating A Room Reservation

Our email system has been setup to allow individuals the ability to reserve space in various meeting locations across campus. If you do not have access to the Outlook client, you can make a room reservation via Outlook Web Access (OWA).


Step 1

After opening your web browser and logging in to your WWU Email, navigate to the Calendar section (located in the lower left of your web browser).




Step 2

Now click on the Arrow next to New (located in the upper left) and select Meeting Request in the dropdown menu.




Step 3

Once the Meeting Assistant window appears, locate and click on the Scheduling Assistant tab.




From here you can add the attendees and select the rooms that you will be using.






        *Note: To see a list of all available rooms, click on Select Rooms and select More in the drop down menu.


[IMPORTANT] - Once you have successfully added the rooms that you wish to reserve, Be sure to Check the box that is beside them.




Step 4

Once you have added all Attendees that you wish to invite, and all the rooms that you will be using, return to the Appointment tab and fill out the appropriate fields.


*Note: The "Resources" and "Location" fields should have been automatically filled.

*Double check that the start and end times are correct for your meeting.


Step 5

Finally, click Send.




That's it, you're all done!


Depending on the rights and rules associated with the meeting space, your request may have to be approved by a moderator. Once your meeting has been accepted you will receive an email notifying you.

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Last update on October 1, 2013