Prank/Fraud Call Investigation

Prank calls are annoying or threatening in nature. Fraudulent calls are made with the intent to make calls for free or to access numbers for questionable reasons. Needless to say Walla Walla University and Telephone Services strongly disapprove of such practices.

Prank calls are strongly discouraged. If you have received a prank call please let us know as soon as possible. If a message was left in your voice mail box be sure to save the message. We keep data on all calls and need to know what number was called as well as the time and date it was received. With this information we can look up the call and determine where it was made from. Telephone Services will then give that information to the appropriate dean (if you are a student or the call came from a dorm room) for them to handle as necessary. Campus Security will also be included as well as the College Place Police Department when necessary.

Fraudulent calls are not tolerated and carry a minimum $500 penalty as outlined in the student handbook. Telephone Services has done everything possible to limit the possibility of making fraudulent calls including the investigation of any possible fraudulent calls.

If you have received a prank phone call or believe you have been billed for a call you did not make please contact us as soon as possible.

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Last update on March 11, 2014