WWU Laptop Program

At Walla Walla University, we believe that the future of computing lies in a mobile campus, with each student having their own laptop.  In order to accommodate this, we offer the following services:

Laptop Printing

There are a number of printers around campus that you can print to from your laptop.  To print from your laptop, go to www.wallawalla.edu/print and log in with your campus account.  You will then be able to upload files to print.

Laptop Software Drive

Some of the software programs that are installed in campus computer labs can also be installed on your computer.  To install any of these programs, follow the steps below:

Note: This software can only be installed or run while your computer is connected to the WWU network.

1. Map to the Laptop-Software drive.  The drive location is \\\Laptop-Software
Detailed instructions for mapping network drives are located here.

2. Go to "Everyone" folder and choose your operating system.  Any programs that are available for your OS will be in these folders.

3. Installation guides are included in many of the program folders.

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Last update on August 6, 2012