Accessing Files Remotely - Go Portal

The Go Portal was designed for faculty, staff and students who wish to access their files remotely. You can access your files via your web browser at

Files include:

  • P: Drive - My Documents
  • K: Drive - Shared Documents
  • I: Drive - Departmental Documents (only applies to staff and faculty)

To access your files:

1. Launch a browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) navigate to into your address bar. If this is the first time visiting this page you might see a prompt to install an Active X Control. If so, go ahead and accept the prompts and install.

***Note: Active X may take a while to install. DON'T CANCEL the install once it has begun or things will not work properly.

2. Login with your Active Directory (AD) login information.


3. Choose "File Access"


4. Click the + sign on the left hand side to expand the menu of directories.


5. Simply double-click files to open them.


6. Click Upload at the top if you wish to upload a file.


Page maintained by Brandon Aberle
Last update on January 3, 2011