Exchange Setup - Android

***Note: Steps may vary depending on the model of your device.

  1. Press the Menu button on the phone

  1. Tap Settings

  1. Tap Accounts & sync

  1. Tap Add account

  1. Tap Exchange (on some Android models it's called "Corporate")

  1. Input your WWU email address and password then tap Next (this step is skipped on some Android models)

  1. Enter the following and then tap Next:
    1. Domain\Username: skynet\firstname.lastname
    2. Password: Your WWU email password
    3. Exchange Server:

  1. On the following screens you can set name, sync, contacts and cache settings.
  1. Tap Done and your phone will start syncing with WWU's Exchange server.


Page maintained by Brandon Aberle
Last update on December 29, 2010