Hiring Tools

The Human Resources Department has created a step by step process that guides managers through the process of requesting a position, interviewing potential employees, selecting a primary candidate, and hiring a person to fill the position. This page has been created to guide managers through these steps, along with providing to them the links to the support documents that should be completed along the way.

The complete hiring process is outlined in detail in the Staff Hiring Guidelines. It contains information about each step in the hiring process, information regarding each form that must be completed, as well as cohesive information about the process in general. Listed below are links to the individual forms that must be completed in this process.

Staff Hiring Guidelines – Step-by-Step guide through the hiring process

Requesting a Position:

  • Position Requisition Form –Please contact HR
  • Job Analysis Questionnaire – Used to comprehensively analyze a position for the development of a job description, please contact HR for current version.
  • Budget Transfer Request Form – Completed when a transfer of labor funds is necessary for a position to be filled

Interviewing Candidates: Staff Hiring Guidelines Section 5

Hiring an Employee:

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