Health & Wellness

Welcome to the Health and Wellness Page.

Here we provide you with great resources to help you get to the fitness level you want and providing sites that help you manage your diet. We have also included a monthly blog that is managed by the Adventist Risk Management. In it, you will find additional material relating to overall health and wellness which we hope will be beneficial to you.

Theme of the Month: Each month, the Wellness Station on the Adventist Risk Management website will focus on a particular month's health and wellness theme. Take a moment to explore the many resources and information the Wellness Station has to offer.

BMI Calculator: This calculator will provide a measurement of your body fat based on your height and weight.

Heart Rate Calculator: This calculator will provide you an appropriate measurement of what your target heart rate should be when you exercise depending on the intensity you want. 

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Last update on December 5, 2013