Employee Wellness Program

Coordinator: Tricia Muth

Office hours: Tuesday 9-11 in Campus Health & Wellness, 1-3 in Wellness Office Wednesday 9-12, 1-3 in Wellness Office

Office Phone Number:527-2381

The Employee Wellness Program is designed to assist WWU employees in developing healthier lifestyles by adopting habits and attitudes that contribute to their health and well-being. It is expected that participants with experience greater productivity and fewer health problems. Another goal is to help reduce costs associated with ill health and injuries. Some of the general goals that guide the program are to:

  • provide programs and activities that are interesting and satisfying to employees
  • promote employee participation in the wellness program
  • reduce health risks among employees
  • improve health-screening test scores
  • contribute to lower rates of sick-leave absenteeism
  • contribute to the stabilization of health benefits' cost

The Employee Wellness Program began in December 1988 in response to the need to address rising health-care costs. A part-time director was hired to assess needs and survey employees about their health concerns. At the end of the year, a senior health major was hired to run the program, and the FITness Game began. A regular part-time staff member was hired a year later.

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