Payment By Credit Card

The Walla Walla University online payment system does not accept foreign credit card payments.  If you would like to pay using a foreign credit card, please call our Cashier during business hours at 509-527-2912.  You will need to provide the credit card details and payment amount over the telephone.

Payment by Wire Transfer

If you would like to make a payment by wire transfer, please send an email to and he will email you the wire transfer information.  In order to receive this banking information, please include in your email request the full name and foreign address of the student and also their Walla Walla University ID number.

TRAVELEX/Western Union (recommended as best option)

Walla Walla University has contracted with Travelex to provide international students with an alternative to paying their student bill by wire transfer or credit card.  This solution is recommended as the best option for most foreign students because it generally results in the most advantageous foreign currency translation rates to the student and their family.  Travelex offers a competitive rate of exchange and low fees for processing payments in many international currencies. The information below includes a summary of instructions for making a payment and a list of currencies accepted by Travelex.

        Select Travelex Bank to Bank Transfer to begin the payment process and enter the information required including name, email address, and WWU ID number.

        Enter the US dollar amount of the payment you wish to make to your student bill. Select the payment currency or associated country that you will make your payment from.

        A conversion at a competitive rate of exchange from the US dollar amount will be applied to your chosen currency through the Travelex real-time rate engine. You will have the opportunity to view the payable amount in your local currency before committing to the transaction.

         Finalize the transaction by following the instructions on the webpage.

         Print the confirmation page and take it to your local bank to initiate the transfer of funds to Travelex. Please note that the currency quote on the confirmation page is valid for 72 hours. Travelex must receive the request within 72 hours of your receipt of the currency quote.

         Travelex will then forward the US dollar amount to Walla Walla University where it will be credited to your student billing account.

Note: If your currency is not available or you are unhappy with the exchange rate provided by Travelex, please make your payment by wire transfer or by personal check denominated in U.S. Dollars. We will accept a check in foreign currency only if it is in the form of a Cashier's check from the national bank of the country the foreign currency is from. We do not accept personal checks in foreign currency due to the risk of insufficient funds which results in penalties and foreign currency translation losses.  For more information, please contact


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