Ordering Back-Up Toner for your Copier

After replacing the copier's current supply with the back-up supply on hand, the copier operator should immediately click on the link above and fill out the Order Supplies form to replenish the back-up supply. Contact the Help Desk with any specific questions or concerns.

Once your order is placed, the Help Desk will work directly with Pacific Office Automation to ensure replacements are delivered.  In most cases, you should have your replacements within 24 hours of placing the request.

Please keep your back-up toner in a secure location.

Please Note: We recommend that each department have back-up toner and waste bottle on hand at all times in addition to the current toner supply inside the copier.  This will eliminate emergency situations when toner runs out.

Servicing Your Canon Copier

Pacific Office Automation (POA) has been contracted by WWU to service the university's Canon copiers.  To place a service request please click on the link above and fill out the Repair Request form.

Our main technicians for the Walla Walla Campus are Ron and Shaun.  While your request will most likely get relayed to one of them, there is a chance they may have other service techs in the area that could respond quicker.  Calling the Help Desk is also important in order to document every call so your copier’s overall performance can be monitored.  If you get no response from this number, please contact Brandon Aberle, Help Desk Manager, at 509-527-2587. 

If your copier is having ongoing maintenance issues, no longer fits the needs of your department or needs to be replaced soon, please contact Ken Vyhmeister, Controller, at 509-527-2104.

Personal Use of WWU Copiers

For personal use of color copies, please self-charge yourself 20 cents per copy.

For black & white copies, you may use 5 cents per page.

You should report this on the “Employee Expense Report” form which should be forwarded to the Accounting Office and will be reflected as a deduction from your paycheck.  The code that you will need in order to complete the Employee Expense Report is:

601600-102500-11 (under “Description” put “Personal Use - Canon Copier”)

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Last update on February 12, 2015