Walla Walla University departments have multiple options for producing color work.  These range from using a color printer (rather than a color copier which is about half the cost per page) to hiring an outside printer such as Judy’s Copy Postal.  To save on color printing costs, however, Walla Walla University copier committee has made the strategic decision to provide color Canon copiers throughout the campus so that faculty and staff will have a lower-cost color option.  As the above Color Copier Locations map illustrates, a color copier has been placed for your convenience in 12 locations distributed across the WWU campus.  In order to motivate departments to use our internal color copiers, the WWU has taken the unusual step of not charging any department for color copies.  Instead, the cost is absorbed at the institutional level.

In order to begin using one of the 12 copiers, the department chair/director of each department should send an email to and request that the color copier in the building that is closest to their department be added as an available printer for each member of the department.  The email from the department chair/director should specify the names of the members of the department that should be given access to the color copier.  If the assigned color copier is not available for use, the other locations are still open for your department’s use but should be accessed in person, using a memory stick.

The following are some practical guidelines for the use of WWU Color Copiers:

A.  Memory Media Should Be Used for Large Print Jobs

For large jobs of 10 pages or more, we strongly encourage non-direct printing to the color printer via USB drive memory sticks that you can take to the copier.  This will keep jobs from being orphaned by not allowing you to print to the printer if the printer is out of order or the department is closed.  This can also be viewed as a courtesy to the color copier’s “host” department that may be needing to use the copier for a rush project just at the same time you send over a large job.   

All of the color copiers are equipped with USB drives (memory media ports), so please save your large jobs to a USB memory stick and when you arrive at the color copier, print the jobs from your USB memory stick.  To print from a memory stick, insert the memory stick on either the left or right side of the main panel (depending on the model) and press the “Regular Options” button, then from the menu screen select “Access Stored Files” and then select “Memory Media”, your stick will appear and then allow you to choose the desired file(s).  Note:  You will need to convert your WORD and EXCEL files to PDF in order to print them via a memory stick at the copier.

B.  Consideration to Host Departments 

While the color copier “host” departments are not charged for toner costs, they do pay for their own paper supply.  Accordingly, “guest” departments should bring their own paper whenever the job exceeds 10 copies.  Also, to compensate for casual use, the “guest” departments should contribute a minimum of one ream of paper per year (or more frequently depending on level of use).

C.  Consideration for Academic Departments - Large Color Jobs during Peak Times

If the color copier in your building is hosted by an Academic department, please be sensitive to the beginning and end of each quarter where the workload on these departments' copiers are at the highest levels.  During these peak times, you should consider using the color copier of a non-academic department, especially for large jobs (Advancement, Financial Administration, IS, or HR).  You may want to coordinate with the Administrative Assistant for the host copier’s department to ensure that running a large job on their copier would not hold back other projects that are in process.

D.  Use of High Quality Paper

We have sustained a number of color copier breakdowns across campus as a result of using various brands of high quality paper that are not compatible with the Canon copiers.  We have found one brand, Cougar Long Grain, Smooth, Text, 70/28 lb (104 g/m2 ), that works very smoothly (it doesn’t jam the printers and can be fed through regular trays) and we will soon be stocking this paper at the WWU Bookstore.  You may also purchase the paper directly for your department at Snyder Crecelius Paper Co. at 328 West Main Street Walla Walla, WA 99362-2821 - (509) 525-7270.   

E.   What if I need Outside Expertise?

Not all color copy jobs are easy to do yourself.  Examples of such jobs would be booklets, double-sided handouts, tri-fold brochures, half-sheet programs, insert sheets, department handbooks, etc.  

There are 3 do-it-not-yourself options that are available, depending on the nature of the job:

(1) MES:  This option is for jobs approved in advance by the Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment Services (MES) and primarily relate to external marketing and advertising projects and jobs with institutional priority.  Please do not contact MES to perform routine reproduction-related work for your department as their resources are under heavy demand and constraints and must be reserved for high-priority projects.

(2) Pictor Graphics:  This is an in-campus service sponsored by the Technology Department that relies on the expertise of WWU student graphics designers under faculty guidance.  Due to scheduling of student workers, projects require a 3-day turnaround time.  If you plan ahead, you will greatly benefit from the lower cost as well as the expertise and ingenuity of WWU students.  For more information see  You can email ready-to-print projects to but unless you are specifically asking for design assistance, please note that your project will not be edited, but rather printed exactly how you send it.

(3) Third Party Vendors:  The University has a long-standing relationship with Judy’s Copy Postal.  If your project does not qualify for MES’ involvement or if you have a short turnaround time requirement, you may use third-party vendors.  Keep in mind, however, that this is typically our highest-cost option and also does not give our students at Pictor Graphics valuable work experience and work hours.

F.  Personal Use of Color Copies:

For personal use of color copies, please self-charge 20 cents per copy for regular paper and 30 cents per copy if you are using high-quality (e.g., poster) paper obtained from the University.  You should report this on the “Employee Expense Report” form which should be forwarded to the Accounting Office and will be reflected as a deduction from your paycheck.  The code that you will need in order to complete the Employee Expense Report is:

  601600-102500-11 (under “Description” put “Personal Use - Canon Copies”)

G.  Copier Repairs:

For copier repair or other copier issues, please contact WWU Help Desk at x2317. See also our Copier and Service Information web page for further information.

H.  Wastefulness:

Printing in color costs ten times as much as printing in black and white.  Please do not be wasteful.  Please print in black and white whenever a color image is not essential.  If usage of color copies becomes too wasteful, we may need to reconsider the policy of not charging departments for their color copy use.  This will require the use of codes and passwords for each machine and will make it harder on all of us.  So please use a cost-conscious approach in printing to color and self-report personal use of our color copiers (see paragraph F above).

If you have any questions regarding this policy or to report any problems, including potential abuse or wastefulness issues, please contact:

Ken Vyhmeister


Walla Walla University


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