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Walla Walla University Library
  • 1 day ago
#tbt Throwback Thursday! Here's a look at the circulation desk then and now! #wallawallaulib #wallawallauniversity #circdesk
Walla Walla University Library
  • 2 days ago
2015 The Intro to Drawing class decorated the sidewalk in front of the library! Which one is your favorite?
Walla Walla University Library
  • 1 week ago
In 2012 we noticed an influx of toy soldiers around the library. Current WWU student Caleb Riston recently posted a nice tribute and gave us permission to share some of his thoughts. If you have any photos of our little men around the library, please post in the comments! “If you look closely around the WWU Peterson Memorial Library you'll find little green army men hiding in stacks, crevices, and sitting on top of various fixtures. I remember these little guys as one of the first things I noticed upon coming into the library. Seeing a few of them perched on fire alarms and door frames I thought they were fun little easter eggs that added to the character of the library.…Once fairly ubiquitous, these little army men are quickly dwindling in numbers and with that, into obscurity….After some hunting, I managed to find this guy on the second floor, perched on top of a stack support. One of the last in a once great army, hiding out before his inevitable demise.”
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