WWU's Next Top Models

Four students win a drawing to be new faces for the university

By: Becky St. Clair

From left to right: Brinja, Misty, Laurissa, and Tyrell. Photo by Eric Ashley.

During the Welcome Back Bash at WWU on Sunday, September 23, dozens of students stopped by the WWU Alumni Association’s booth. There, they picked up ice cream bars, took a look at some decades-old photos from around campus, and entered their names in a drawing to become WWU’s Next Top Models.

The winners of the drawing would be involved in television shows, newspaper articles, official marketing photography, postcards, the 2008 WWU calendar, and selected WWU website articles. Soon after the Welcome Back Bash, names were randomly selected by the project’s creator and director, Marcie Anglen, senior Health major and Communications minor.

Officially known as WWU’s Official Advertising Representatives, the WWU Alumni Association would like to introduce the winners.

Brinja Gimbel is a 19-year-old pre-dental hygiene and Spanish double major. She loves the great outdoors, and enjoys activities that get her out in it, such as skiing, wakeboarding, and camping. She also loves to travel, shop, and hang out at Starbucks, and also doesn’t mind laughing at herself – or other people!

Brinja spent the 2006-2007 school year in Sagunto, Spain, studying Spanish through the ACA program. She had a great time, and made a lot of really good friends, despite her self-proclaimed “lack of Spanish vocabulary!”

Some random facts about Brinja: Thai food is her favorite, her birthday is the day before Christmas, and she hates butterflies.

Misty Watters is a 22-year-old pre-dental hygiene major from Seattle, Wash. Her list of things she enjoys most went something like this: Family and friends, vacations to Maui, coffee, cooking, yoga, winter, music of all kinds, and the beach.

Misty spends her summers working as a full-time nanny, and takes a break during the school year to be an office worker at the TLC. Outside of work, Misty also enjoys being active, especially outside. She enjoys snowboarding, volleyball, running, and swimming. In addition, she loves hanging out with friends, photography, history, playing the piano, and being around kids.

Although she loves her summer job as a nanny, Misty admits it can get hectic. She worked over 40 hours a week last summer taking care of 8 children from three different families. “I don’t think you have a job until you are a parent,” she says. “I thought school was stressful; kids are crazy!”

Tyrell Miller is a 26-year-old nursing major from Portland, Ore., with career goals in South American missionary work as a Nurse Practitioner. When asked what he enjoys most in life, he proclaimed a love for helping others, studying the world, supporting Iraqi freedom, veterans, and servicemen, and playing Scrabble with the Cress family, especially with Jana Cress, his girlfriend.

Tyrell is currently employed at the Walla Walla VA Medical Center, and involves himself in intramural football, as well as volunteering his time as a City of Walla Walla F.R.I.E.N.D.S. youth partner.

When not involved in volunteer work or school, Tyrell enjoys playing the guitar, shooting hoops, drawing, listening to classical music, working out, and eating. He also finds time to meet famous people, such as Robert Trajillo from Metallica, Joe Millionaire, Rob Schneider, Jermaine O’Neal, Kutless, Decy for Down, Rasheed Wallace, and Jarret Jack. He has also been bungee jumping and was awarded Top Medic in Kuwait in 2004. Tyrell will graduate in 2011.

Laurissa Ward is a 22-year-old pre-dental hygiene major who hopes to one day be, in addition to a dental hygienist, a mom and wife. She enjoys spending time with her family, getting coffee with friends, shopping, decorating, and laughing. She also loves to be outdoors, as she is from Colorado and is never at a loss for outdoorsy things to do at home. Camping and hiking are two of her favorite outdoors activities.

Laurissa also takes pride in her horse-riding skills, and with good reason. Her love for barrel racing with them took her to Reno, Nevada, and Louisville, Kentucky, for barrel racing finals. And one more random bit of information about Laurissa (pay attention, gentlemen): she’s single!

Anglen had a great time creating this project, and has enjoyed meeting the winners. “I have had a lot of fun working with these students,” she says. “Getting to know them has been a real blast.”

Watch for future WWU publications and marketing tools that include WWU’s Next Top Models: Brinja, Misty, Tyrell, and Laurissa.

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