wwudrama Presents The Festival of One-Acts

Four Acts to Be Staged

By: David Crawford

The evening of drama features a variety of stories.

The Festival of One-Acts is coming to wwudrama again. The show plays in Village Hall on Feb. 25, 26, March 1, 3, and 4 at 8 p.m. It provides humor, thought, and drama and promises to be engaging.

The shows begins with "The Society" by J. Omar Hansen and is directed by Rachel Scribner. It's about embracing a world where art is everything and the outside world is something to avoid. The show features Bjorn Smars, and Kyle McClusky.

"Tape" by Jose Rivera, directed by Nicole Im is next. The show tackles the experience of someone facing a life not well lived. The show features Joshua Haddock and Rebecca Brothers.

"The Ugly Duckling by A.A. Milne and directed by Caitlin Stoodley picks up next. In a kingdom where beauty is required for a happily ever after, they plot to marry off their “plain” daughter. The show features Scott Guthrie, Macy McVay, Shanoah Maine, Chris Reeve, Nichole Jansen, and William Colson.

"I Can't Think of It Right Now" by Nick Zagone, directed by alumna Kristen Taylor closes the lineup. What do you do when you just can’t think of that move? The show features Ian Bilinowich and Michelle Skoretz.

For reservations or directions visit www.drama.wallawalla.edu

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