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Homecoming Weekend Events Scheduled for April 26-29

By: Rosa Jimenez

A special event just for young alumni is held on Saturday night of Homecoming Weekend.

Alumni and friends are invited to homecoming events scheduled for April 26-29.  Activities include social, musical, and reunion events.  

Friday's highlights include a 65th Anniversary Engineering Celebration and Open House.  Also on Friday, several seminars and presentations are scheduled.

From 2-5 p.m., on the second floor of the Winter Educational Complex, an undergraduate academic symposium will feature multimedia, visual, and oral presentations about student research projects.

At 2 p.m., in the Chan Shun Pavilion Lecture Hall, 1959 engineering graduate Gary Curtis will share his experiences with forensic engineering, discussing examples of major tower collapses, design errors, and lawsuits. Curtis has worked on such notable structures as the Seattle Space Needle, the Roller Coaster Bridge in Long Beach, Calif., and the South Pole Dome. His engineering firm, Gossamer Space Frames, designs three-dimensional structure frames.

Also at 2 p.m., in Room 117 of the Administration Building, an organic gardening seminar will be hosted by home economics department graduates. The seminar, presented by Merlene Olmsted, former chair and faculty member of the home economics department, will include information about growing in limited spaces, improving soil, and using companion planting as an alternative to chemicals.

At 3 p.m., in the Peterson Memorial Library Reference Room, communications professor David Bullock will present the William Landeen Library Lecture, “A Strike at the Heart: Mining Community Memory in a Central Washington Coal Town.”  Bullock’s presentation details his journey to uncover a story of depression-era coal miners in Roslyn, Wash., who flexed their communal muscle by creating a new, independent labor union. One of those miners was Bullock’s grandfather.

Also at 3 p.m., in Room 209 of the Winter Educational Complex, social work professor Susan B. Smith will present the lecture “Jane Addams’ Settlement Idea: Charity or Social Justice?” She will explore the life and work of Jane Addams who is remembered as a humanitarian reformer, leader of the settlement house movement and a principal participant in the development of American social work. She founded the Hull-House and was the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
Beginning on Friday evening, Sabbath services include a musical vespers program, Evensong, WWU Symphony Orchestra Concert, Reunion Sabbath Schools, and church worship services featuring Paul Dybdahl (1992 graduate) and Gerald Winslow (1967 graduate).  

On Sunday, alumni and community members can participate in a 5K run/walk, attend a car show, or watch a fast-pitch softball game.

For a complete schedule of homecoming events, visit the website at the link below.

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