WWU Publications Win Two Top Awards

Adventist Communicators Honor "Collegian" and "Westwind"

Two Walla Walla University publications won Best In Class distinction at a recent awards program held during the annual convention of the Society of Adventist Communicators.

In the print category, the 2012-13 “Collegian” won “Best Student Newspaper.” The paper, edited by Emily Muthersbaugh, was judged for quality, design, logo, creativity, timeliness, organizations, audience appeal and consistency.

During Muthersbaugh’s time as editor, the “Collegian” introduced several sections, including a column to inform readers about university and Associated Students of Walla Walla University leadership. She also expanded social media connectivity with the launch of a Facebook page and the incorporation of weekly student photo via Instagram. The paper also published theme issues, with expanded articles focusing on one topic, such as current issues facing Adventism, violence in America, and the impact of technology on education."

“Our greatest challenge was probably one that faces most print publications today, which is to maintain a strong readership of printed publications in the face of digital media. ” she says. “Additionally, it was also a challenge to ensure that we were representing the voice of the student body and the interests of our community.”
The “Collegian” is published weekly; with 1500 copies distributed each week on campus and at local businesses.
Walla Walla University’s alumni magazine also won a top award.  In the print category, “Westwind” won “Best Magazine.” Publication judging was based on quality, design, logo, creativity, timeliness, organization, audience appeal, effectiveness of representation of organization and organizational messages.
“Westwind” is published three times a year and mailed to more than 27,000 alumni. The magazine’s editor, Rosa Jimenez, is senior manager in the University Relations office.
“In 2012, working with art director Dennis Huynh, we introduced a new design that has raised the bar for us in design, photography, and writing,” Jimenez says. “The new look is dynamic and energetic, one that stands apart.” 
“I’m happy to say that most of our writers and photographers are Walla Walla alumni or former staff members of University Relations. Working with them is one of the best parts of editing this magazine.” Jimenez says.  

With the introduction of the new design, Jimenez introduced several new regular features, including a first-person column by faculty; an essay by a young graduate; and a page featuring a WWU archives photo.
The Society of Adventist Communicators is a national professional organization for Seventh-day Adventists whose careers are in the field of communication.

Published Oct. 30, 2013.

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