WWU Appoints New Chaplain

Paddy McCoy accepts Campus Ministries position

By: Becky St. Clair

McCoy has served at WWU for 10 years.

September brought with it a new school year for WWU, new freshmen, nine new faculty, and a couple of new department chairs.  It also brought a new chaplain.

Paddy McCoy was appointed campus chaplain at the end of the 2007-2008 school year.  He has served WWU for a total of ten years; five as a student, and five as full-time staff.  There was a four-year break between the two five-year periods when McCoy was serving as recruiter and then as chaplain for Kettering College of Medical Arts (KCMA) in Kettering, Ohio.   However, McCoy followed his roots home in 2003, and has been working at WWU ever since.

McCoy loves this opportunity to be able to mentor, nurture, care for, and work with so many young adults. 

“They are not just the future of our church,” he insists.  “They play a vital role in our church here and now, and we need them involved at every level.  Our job is to equip them to be the people God has created them to be so that they can go from this place and change the world for the Kingdom of God.”

McCoy graduated from WWU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion and speech communications in 1999.  Since then, he has also earned a Master’s of Arts degree in Youth Ministry from Andrews University Theology Seminary in Berrien Springs, Mich.

His time at KCMA gave McCoy experience dealing with and ministering to groups of great diversity in faith and age.  He has also worked as a summer youth pastor, and spent a year as an associate pastor for a church plant in Vancouver, Wash., as a student. 

Now, as chaplain for the campus of Walla Walla University, McCoy leads the campus prayer ministry, coordinates Weeks of Worship and vespers programs, writes monthly articles for the Adventist youth magazine, Insight, and oversees all other aspects of the spiritual life on campus.

“Only the Lord really knows what He’s doing in all of this,” admits McCoy.  “It’s exciting, it’s scary, and for now I know it’s exactly where God wants my family and me to serve.” 

“Pastor Paddy” can be reached by emailing paddy.mccoy@wallawalla.edu or by calling 509-527-2343.  He welcomes any and all visits, emails, and phone calls.

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