Winter Weather Brings Sleet and Rain

Classes Continue As Scheduled

By: Rosa Jimenez

Whitney Smith treks across campus dressed fittingly in boots, mittens, and hat.

Students, faculty, and staff continued with their normal routines during the second day of a winter storm that has affected most of Washington state.

Walla Walla University continues monitoring changing weather conditions and will advise the campus community of class and work cancellation through an email and postings on the WWU website and Facebook pages.

Students, faculty, and staff are advised to continue using extreme caution when walking or driving in icy conditions. If icy conditions become severe, travel is not advised.

To answer questions about potential school closure or class absence due to weather, WWU has established the following policy:

WWU Policy for Class Schedule During Severe Weather

Occasionally questions arise as to whether classes will meet when weather becomes severe around the Walla Walla Valley region.  Walla Walla University’s policy, as a residential campus, is to continue with undergraduate classes and labs regardless of weather.  Exceptions would occur if the county declares a state of emergency, at which time a statement will be posted at the WWU website to inform students of the situation and procedure.

Walla Walla University encourages off-campus students  and students driving to off-campus sites (e.g. student teaching, internship placements, clinical placements, etc.) to not travel when roads are icy or dangerous.  Faculty will work with these students on a case-by-case basis to make up class requirements.

Because most of the University’s graduate students travel to campus over long distances, the status of classes in severe weather conditions may differ from the undergraduate program.  The respective deans of the graduate programs will inform their students if classes are canceled.

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