Vaccination Program Reaches Children in India

School of Nursing Volunteers Pledge to Return

By: Emily Forshee

More than 10,000 vaccines have been administered. Photo by Greg Khng.

In September, for the third consecutive year, the Walla Walla University School of Nursing sponsored a trip to Eastern India to provide life-saving vaccinations. During these trips, more than 10,000 vaccines have been administered to prevent diseases such as meningitis, typhoid, and hepatitis.

A team of 18 traveled to Riverside Adventist Academy in Meghalaya, one of WWU's sister schools, to administer the last round of vaccines to students. Despite setbacks, such as a bridge collapse, political unrest, language barriers, vehicle trouble, and an incoming typhoon, the group persevered. They were able to continue on to administer vaccines to students and locals at Pringprang and Irvine schools. More than 1,000 children benefited from the immunizations.

The School of Nursing has decided that as long as there is an interest in the program and donors can be found, they will continue to sponsor immunization trips to other Seventh-day Adventist academies in India.

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