Undergraduate Symposium to Feature Student Research

Topics Range From Socratic Dialogue to Autism Spectrum Disorder

By: Rosa Jimenez

Technology student Stephanie Smith presented her interactive spin-wheel map and tablet app that serves as a restaurant guide at last year's symposium.

From bionic hands and unmanned aerial systems, to intercultural anxiety and perspectives on God, the  2013 Undergraduate Symposium will feature a wide range of topics.  More than 25 presentations will be featured.

The presentations will take place Friday, April 26, at 2, 3 and 4 p.m., in rooms on the second floor of the Winter Educational Compex.  Complete schedule below.

A Better Professional, Moderator: Emily Tillotson, WEC 209, 2pm

“Education, Meet Technology: Learning to Fly in 2013”- Michael Stratte, Technology

“Providing Effective Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Are Providers Equipped?”- Estée Pummel, Social Work

“Art as a Tool”- Karissa Jacobson, Fine Art

Defense Mechanisms- Moderator: Brian Roth, WEC 215, 2pm

“Unmanned Aerial System for Ground Surveillance” -Michael Kudla, Nathan Curry, and Jonathan Anderson, Engineering

“The Incredible Edible Macro® Greens Super Food” -John Clary, Jr., Biology

“Piano Lessons” -Miles Bell, English

Decision Making, Moderator: Terri Aamodt, WEC 226, 2pm

“Indicators of Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors”- Emily Muthersbaugh, Environmental Studies

“Foundations” –Danielle Shull, English

“Why are you so impatient?"- Shelby Rae Paulsen, Psychology

Procedures, Moderator: Jean-Paul Grimaud, WEC 209, 3pm

“Everybody's Worried about that Atomic Bomb: Civil Defense in the City of Roses”- Ian Bilinowich, History

"Socratic Dialogue and 'Weak Thought': Alternatives to Negative Ressentiment" Tyler Jacobson, Modern Languages

“Film: Composite Shots” -Michael Franks and Kyle McCluskey, Communication

Structural Anatomies, Moderator: Joan Redd, WEC 215, 3pm

“Utilization of Campus Counseling Services among College Students” -Sara Mayne, Social Work and Music

“An Investigation of the Effect of Hyssopus Officinalis on T-cell Proliferation in Mice”-Katelyn Winter, Biology

"Exploring the Authenticity of the Globe Theater Reconstruction"-Hillary Smith, Engineering

The Senses, Moderator: Karen Thompson, WEC 226, 3pm

“Bionic Wrist/Hand”- Bradley LaLonde, Sholoman Lynch, and Loren Libby, Engineering

“Shaping Ideas Into Sound: Four Perspectives on God through Music”-Aric Vyhemister, Music, Engineering, and Physics

“Fractals: The Art of Seeing”- Joe Hughes, Physics and Engineering

Everything Old is New Again, Moderator: Linda Felipez, WEC 209, 4pm

“HIVE Redesign for Bayer Aspirin”- Trevor Iwata, Technology

“Redesign of a Laminator Controller for Intellipaper”- Kurt Hiblebrand, Engineering

“Pythagorean Triangle”- Kyle Eggers, Math

Perceptions and misperceptions, Moderator: Debbie Muthersbaugh, WEC 215, 4pm

“General Perception Market Research Project for Adventist Health Medical Group”-Macie Sattlelmayer & Matthew Anderson, Business

“How Does Chia Affect the Mouse Immune System?”- Cedric Thiel, Biology

“Murder, Lies, and Wartime Allies: The Katyń Forrest Massacre, the OWI, and Realpolitik in the USA”- James Mayne, History and Education

Departures, Moderator: Doug Logan, WEC 226, 4pm

“Language Proficiency and Intercultural Anxiety: A Critical Look at Study Abroad Programs”-Megan Cleveland, Communication

“Modesto”- Nicole Im, English
"Differential Pressure Alarm System”- Michael von Pohle, Engineering  

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