Theology Students Win Writing Contest

Both Are Serving in Northwest Churches

By: Camlynne Waring

Theology students Andrew Abbott, pictured above, and Jonathan Moore, below, received third place in the Ministry magazine writing contest.

Walla Walla University School of Theology students Andrew Abbott and Jonathan Moor both won third-place prizes in a writing contest sponsored by Ministry magazine.  The contest required writers to be students in a full-time ministerial preparation program. They could choose from the following categories: biblical studies, historical studies, theological studies, ministry, and world missions. 

Abbott, a junior from Walla Walla, wrote about the call to ministry.  Using the experience of the prophet Jeremiah as an example, Abbott’s paper concluded that the initial call to ministry helps those in pastoral care to overcome obstacles later.  Writing the paper helped Abbott solidify his own call to ministry. 

“It was a really rewarding study,” said Abbott, who spent hours reading, researching, and writing the paper.  He would like to write more in the future and is interested in philosophical and theological study.  After graduation, Abbott hopes to pastor at a church and then go to seminary.  He is currently a student pastor at the College Place Village Church.

Moor, who graduated from WWU in December, discussed meaningful preaching in his paper.  Meaningful preaching comes out of intentionality: specifically, having a mission statement for preaching, he concluded.  Hailing from Portland, Ore., Moor is currently a pastor at Hood View Church in Boring, Ore.  He plans to go to seminary at Andrews University in a few years.

WWU School of Theology Chair Dave Thomas praised the young men.  “This speaks very well for them, for their writing and thinking skills, and, at least to some extent, to the education they received while here at Walla Walla University,” he said.  “They have earned a distinction for themselves and for their school that very few college students ever earn.”

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