The Pilgrim Series Premiere

Student-Created Video Series to Premiere in Village Hall

By: Hilary Nieland

Photo courtesy of the Pilgrim Series

On June 1 at 7:30 p.m. the pilot of the student-created Pilgrim Series, will be screened in Village Hall. The series is a web-based video series based on a reimagining of the classic 1678 book, Pilgrim’s Progress.

Director Kyle McCluskey has been working on this project for over six years. He chose the story because it stuck with him as a child, and he wanted to make a film adaptation worthy of the book. “I always thought that it should be done well, and it hadn’t been before,” says McCluskey.

The project started with concept design and writing. McCluskey planned the plot well into the future in order to have continuity, then built digital cities which are now being integrated into the footage. He says his time at Walla Walla University “has been invaluable to the process.”

As many as 40 people are working with McCluskey on this immense project. In addition to Andrew Woodruff, assistant director, and Tanner Dull, producer, there are many actors, make-up artists, advertising managers, and art and prop directors working on the series.

Tickets for the premiere are $5, and proceeds will help fund the continuation of the project as well as benefit the Student Association’s fundraiser, Mission Mozambique. In addition to the pilot, the event will feature behind-the-scenes footage, other films connected to the project, and a Q&A with the main crew.


Published May 30, 2013

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