Students Join Forces to Help Homeless People

Custom T-Shirts to Provide for Hoodies

By: Jenae Williams

Jason Shewchuk and Regan Agrey

Buy a T-shirt, give a hoodie to a homeless person. That’s the idea behind “Hoodies for Homeless,” a project started by Jason Shewchuk and Regan Agrey.

“Hoodies for Homeless” aims to provide hoodies, or hooded sweatshirts, to people who are homeless through money received from the sale of Jason and Regan’s custom-designed T-shirts.

Looking quickly, the image on the front of the T-shirt is simply a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk. But notice his extended hand. It’s unmistakably pierced—Jesus Christ. Above Him, read the words in red, “Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me” from the book of Matthew.

The project came to life two months ago when Jason, an employee at WWU’s cafeteria, and Regan, a junior business major, were brainstorming about business ideas that would showcase their talents. Jason wanted to do art, and Regan was interested in expanding his entrepreneurial skills. “It was going to be just us having fun,” Jason said, “But after a while thinking about what we’re really about, we leaned more towards helping charity.” A month later, they started selling their first T-shirts.

While neither of them have started a project like this before, both Jason and Regan have been actively involved with service projects their entire life. After working in soup kitchens in British Columbia, Regan knew of the need for warmer clothing for homeless people. “They were always asking for hoodies, and they only really like black. So I figured, why not give them what they want!” he said.

It’s a project rooted in giving on all levels. The proceeds from the shirts will be spent buying hoodies to distribute, plus ordering more shirts. 

After they accumulate a sizeable amount, Jason and Regan are committed to driving to different cities and personally handing the hoodies to people in soup kitchens and on the streets. 

Jason and Regan have been friends for eight years. They met after Jason came to College Heights Christian School, a middle school in Lacombe, Alberta, where Regan attended. 

Together, they maintain a Facebook page called “Banyuk Adventures,” chronicling their lives through photos, statuses, and videos. As “Hoodies for Homeless” continues, they intend to post more videos on Facebook that record their experience handing out hoodies. They feel it’s important that everyone who buys a shirt knows exactly what the money went towards and how it’s affecting the ones who receive it. 

Jason and Regan are selling their “Hoodies for Homeless” shirts for $20 each. All proceeds go to the “Hoodies for Homeless” project. To buy a shirt or make a donation to their project, call or text them at (509) 386-4172. You can also find them at on Facebook at “Banyuk Adventures” or on Twitter at “BanyukAdventure"

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