Students Answer the Question, "Who Am I?"

ASWWC's Week of Worship took place last week

By: Becky St. Clair

Saida Mejia shares her answer to the question at last week's WOW.

During the week of January 14-18, the associated students of WWU hosted their annual Week of Worship. The speakers for each day’s campus-wide meeting were all WWU students.

Each day saw two new students speaking for an audience of several hundred students, faculty, and staff. Another student spoke for Friday night’s vespers program, and two others presented on Sabbath morning for the second church service.

Larysa Volynets, sophomore pre-dental hygiene major, shared her decision to be a Christian in an atheistic society. As English is her second language, it was a challenge for her to speak in front of an American audience. “But God can do the impossible!” she says. “It was a huge blessing to me.”

Greg Hannah, junior speech communication major, summed up his talk with a quote by Ghandi: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Saida Mejia, senior business administration and marketing major, spoke on finding one’s identity in God’s purpose. She explained that in order to have a meaningful life, one should not ask, “Who am I?” but instead, “Who do I belong to?”

Jon Schaffer, junior theology major, talked about the necessity of finding God to find yourself. “Use I AM to make Who I AM,” says Schaffer.

The experience was a new one for many of the students who spoke.

“I never thought I would be speaking in front of hundreds of students,” says Niki Goodridge, senior journalism and mass communications major, “but now that I have, I realize how God can speak through someone to touch His people.”

Senior elementary education major Yuliana Pandjaitan shared how the death of her brother made her fear God, until He showed her how blessed she was and how empty her life is without Him. “I promise you that life with God is better. Not easier, but better. Who am I? I am blessed.”

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