Steel Drums Tour Bermuda

WWC Steel Drum Band recruits on the islands

By: Becky Beddoe

The WWC group poses with the students from Bermuda Institute's steel drum band after a successful joint concert.

On their first international tour, the Walla Walla College Steel Drum Band spent spring break touring Bermuda.  

All group trips have their hang-ups, and this one was no different.  Delayed passports, too-small planes, luggage limits, and customs issues all posed very real threats to the success of the tour.

“We experienced several miracles that made our trip possible,” says Brandon Beck, director of the WWC Steel Drum Band.  “God helped us combat all the roadblocks Satan set up.  It was a very reassuring feeling that we were doing God’s will.”

During the 8 days they spent on the islands, the band did seven concerts, some days performing multiple times.  They performed at churches, schools, and even resorts.  

While visiting Bermuda Institute (BI), the Seventh-day Adventist school in Bermuda, the group held a workshop for the steel drum band there.  During a two-hour session, the WWC band members taught the BI students the familiar spiritual, “Shut de Do’” in preparation for the groups’ joint concert.  The small room rang with the sounds of repeated measures, laughter, and even some singing.  

In addition to workshops, performances, talking with Bermudian students about WWC, and waiting for what seemed like hours at bus stops across the islands, the group also had some opportunities to enjoy the warm weather and the novelty of their experience there.  

On their few hours off during the trip, the group explored caves, beaches, forts, dockyards, and city streets.  They enjoyed the scenery from buses as well as ferries, and ate at a variety of restaurants, all locally owned.  This downtime was very beneficial to the overall camaraderie of the band, which also affected how the band played together during concerts.

“I like how everyone makes the newer people feel like we’ve been a part of the group forever,” muses Noel Jabagat, freshman music major.  “And I think the group blends better musically because we spent so much time together on our Bermuda tour.”

Ten of the eleven members of the steel drum band had never played a steel drum before joining this group.  Several are relatively new, as well, the newest joining in January, just a few months prior to the tour.  Although the group changes every year due to departing seniors and transfers, the band still feels like a close-knit group.

For information on upcoming events which will feature the Walla Walla College Steel Drum Band, or for booking information, contact Becky Beddoe at or 509-527-2656.  For information on how you can help the group spread the word of God through music, contact the WWC Music Department at, or call 509-527-2563.

To learn more about the WWC Music Department, visit their website.

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