School of Nursing Plays TV Studio

Portland company films commercial on campus

By: Becky St. Clair

A Portland auto collision repair company needed a hospital scene for a new commercial and chose to film at WWU's School of Nursing.

The Portland campus recently received some television time when a local company decided to film their new commercial there.  

Leif’s Auto Collision Centers, working through Limbo Films, needed an operating room and recovery room location for their commercial.  As hospitals are typically not open to such activity, the film company began calling schools of nursing, as they have skills labs with the necessary equipment, but no patients.

Lucy Krull, dean of the school of nursing, and Jan Thurnhofer, student program advisor, helped the company know what the patient, nurses, and doctors in the commercial should be wearing.  They also helped them order appropriate equipment, such as gloves, IVs, and surgical instruments, helped them record a realistic cardiac monitor sound, advised them on how to position the patient, and how to wear or use the items in the scene.

“Our nursing students are out doing labs in local hospitals on Thursdays,” explains Krull, “So the filming didn’t disrupt classes at all.”

In the commercial, a patient goes into surgery for a foot procedure.  She wakes up in the recovery room only to find her foot is several times larger than normal.  As she tries to continue normal life with this new foot, she finds things increasingly difficult.  The message?  Use only factory parts.

“They worked very hard to make the commercial look realistic, and were very creative in how they designed it,” says Krull.  “They were great to work with and were very considerate of our needs and equipment.”

The commercial, which took approximately 10 hours to film, is now showing on Portland area television stations. 

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