School of Engineering Hosted 33rd Annual Egg Drop

Students Threw Encapsulated Eggs Off the Roof of Kretschmar Hall

By: Taylor Sarrafian

Participants show off their entry

Place a raw egg in a loaf of bread, throw it off a 40-foot building, and you may come close to the feats of physics performed in the 33rd Annual Egg Drop.  The contest was sponsored by the Edward F. Cross School of Engineering as part of Engineers' Week.

Participants included elementary through college students. Entries were judged by a number of criteria including number of parts, distance from the target, weight of the egg vessel, and how well the egg survived.

A changing wind made the feat much more difficult than anticipated, causing quite a few of the 42 entries to be blown off course.

Paddy McCoy, Walla Walla University chaplain, served as Master of Ceremonies and highlighted the most interesting entries of the afternoon. Balloons, boxes, stuffed-animals, and peanut butter jars were just a few of the vessels that protected eggs on their descents toward concrete and grass. Though there were great expectations for Howie Heaton's 'Pillow-Belt,' the entry titled 'Great Ball of Fire' took the show.  

Engineering students Katie Sweezey, Carlos Flores, and Marti Phillips created the winning entry, which landed near the target. Their design consisted of a hemisphere of styrofoam, forest foam, string, and kabob skewers. In order to counteract the wind and maximize the accuracy of the throw, their group soaked the forest foam in water.

When asked about the development of the project, Phillips replied, "Design was most of it, it only took us two hours to put it together; construction and testing and everything."

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